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This new high fashion track comes with the new “Easy Clip”, making installation simple and quick, as well as cover plates for face fix brackets to give the track a sleek and clean finish, hiding all screws.

Usage – S-Wave & conventional curtains. Can be used for Commercial & Domestic solutions

Colour – White, Platinum, Black

Control – Hand operation only

Brackets – Easy-clip brackets available in single or double projection Face fit or singular Ceiling fix clips

Bending – 100mm radius bends at 90 and 45 degrees.

Construction – Extruded aluminium, powder coated & electrophoresis

Dimensions – 16 x 16 mm

Made with the highest quality aluminium, this 16mm x 15mm track is compact yet stylish. The small facia of the track ensures versatile application such as hotels, homes, shops, or aged care, with ability to bend for corner or bay windows. Whilst this track is only available in hand operation, it is suitable for both S-Wave and conventional curtains.



  • Easy clip brackets.
  • Cover plates for face fix brackets included as standard, hiding screws.
  • Stylish slim line design.
  • Roller carriers.
  • Clear wave carriers.
  • Available to bend in factory at 90 and 45 degrees etc.
  • Modern colour selection.
  • Heavy duty track joiner available for joining over 6m in length


Download the Series 50 – Milan Bracket Dimensions (PDF)