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Series 71 Recess Powered by Somfy

Somfy welcomes the Brand New Series 71 Recess Tracking, Paired with the Series 82 Track and the Quiet but Powerful Somfy Motor. Perfect for the Sleek, Modernistic Decor.


Series 63 Capri Curtain Tracking

Capri, an island in Italy's Bay of Naples, is famed for its rugged landscape, upscale hotels, designer fashions and now the Oslo Series 63 a modern sleek inspired track.


Series 82 Powered by Somfy

Pairing the slim line tracking system from the Oslo Series 81 and the discreet but powerful motorisation from Somfy, the Oslo Series 82 offers our most innovative venture yet.


Acmeda Motorised Tracking

Designed to incorporate smart technology, this system is easily one of the best options for the modern home.

K Series

K Series 600

Simple, yet very effective, the K Series 600 domestic tracking system will give that ‘final touch’ to any room it’s featured in.

K Series

K Series Smoothline Curtain Tracking

The K Series Smoothline is just one of our quality decorator rods available in a wide array of colours to suit any home.


Somfy Glydea

The Glydea™ curtain track system is quiet, discreet, flexible and robust, offering personalised solutions to improve the image, usage and functionality of our customer's environment.


Series 50 Milan Curtain Tracking

This new high fashion track comes with the new “Easy Clip”, making installation simple and quick, as well as cover plates for face fix brackets to give the track a sleek and clean finish, hiding all screws.


Series 51 Commercial / Domestic Curtain Tracking

The Series 51 is a strong commercial / domestic tracking system suitable to heavy use areas such as hotels, motels, and clubs as well as the domestic home.


Series 58 Slimline Curtain Tracking

The Series 58 Slimline is both stylish and discrete, an excellent curtain tracking solution for both domestic and commercial settings.


Series 59 Flexi Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 59 Flexi track has been designed as a creative solution for corner situations where space may be limited. This track is highly popular in motorhomes, caravans, and boats.


Series 67 Siena Curtain Tracking

The Siena can be used in both commercial and domestic applications, and is suitable for either S-Wave or conventional curtains. Perfect for all modernistic décor, this track comes with the choice of two bracket styles.


Series 70 Recess Curtain Tracking

By top fixing directly into the Gyprock ceiling lining, with the edge of the Gyprock sitting on the flange of the track, the Series 70 creates the graceful effect of the curtain appearing to fall directly out of the ceiling.


Series 74 Venice Curtain Tracking

With new innovative, stylish European C-Section tracking, this reinvented track uses the “Easy Clip” and face fix brackets with cover plates to give the track a clean finish.


Series 79 Light Domestic Curtain Tracking

The Series 79 domestic tracking system is suitable for conventional curtains, as well as most radius bends and bay or corner windows.


Series 81 Turbo Motorised Tracking

Delivering innovative technology and an adaptable track system, the Series 81 is the pinnacle in motorised curtain design. Featuring the “Easy Clip” brackets that are designed for ease of installation while being concealed from view.


Series 84 Motorised Curtain Tracking

New automation technology provides push button lifestyle solutions for your home, apartment, office, hotel or villa with modern glass faced remotes and a powerful 100-kilogram operating capacity.


Series 98 Mini Hospital Tracking

Mostly utilised in public and private hospitals, nursing homes and doctor surgeries due to the versatility this track offers, the S98 can be taken advantage of in any situation.


Series 99 Hospital Tracking

Mostly utilised in public and private hospitals, nursing homes and doctor surgeries due to the versatility this track offers, the series 99 can be ordered with curtain loading cartridges, disposable antibacterial curtains, and an intravenous drip carrier system.

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