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Curtain Track Solutions and Advice

Commercial Curtain Tracks

We have Commercial Curtain Tracking systems and components to suit your needs. With a plethora of applications and architectural needs, Curtain Hardware can supply the right tracking for the job. You may need a heavy-duty Curtain Track for a high traffic area or you might need a motorised Curtain Track for the Stage. We will have the application to suit your needs.

We can assist you in selecting the right track for your purpose. Some tracks may not be suitable for your purpose as they may not be strong enough or may not be able to bend to your requirements. We have the expertise and experience to help you select the correct solution for your needs. We can supply you with both advice and the right Curtain Tracking. We are available to consult with you on larger projects.

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Suitable for Hospitals, Day Surgery and Care Facilities

Medical Curtain Track Solutions

We specialise in Hospital Tracking from Small Medical Facilities to Age Care facilities and up to Full Hospitals. We not only provide tracking and components along with bending we also provide advice. We will look at small plans and advise you the best and most economical ways to achieve your needs.

For larger facilities , take advantage of our consultancy service where we can (for a price) advise and quote on architectural building scopes as well.

With our experience and knowledge, we can help you by supplying the best hospital tracking at the best price.

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Luxury and Comfort at Home


Residential curtain tracking is our core and is where we excel. We have one of the biggest ranges of quality curtain tracking systems to suit everyone’s needs from exclusive, motorised solutions to decorative rods for tab and eyelet curtains.

We stock a great range of tracks in various colours and we also have tracks powder coated to get a closer match to your décor. We can also bend and curve some tracks to fit in areas you thought you would never see a curtain. We have many different bracketing systems for different heading types. We also provide motorised curtain tracking for that luxurious experience.

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Hotel Supplier of Choice


Curtain Hardware are proud to be the supplier of choice for a great number of hotels in Australia. We have numerous styles of curtain tracks to suit both your needs and budget. We specialise in both Motorised and Hand Drawn applications and pride ourselves in the programming and delivery of manufactured goods on time.

We have extensive experience and knowledge to help you make the best choices with your curtain track solutions and hardware.

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