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General Public

Do you sell to the public?
No. We are a wholesale business only. As such we do not sell direct to the public.
I have an ABN. Can I buy from you?
No. We only sell to businesses within the curtain industry. We are more than happy to recommend retailers to you however we cannot sell to you directly.
I have an Oslo curtain track and it's not working, what should I do?
We would recommend contacting the company that supplied the curtain tracks. If the cause of the problem is with the retailer/ installer you will be charged a call out fee and/or we may not be able to fix the issue.
Do you supply and install?
As we are a wholesaler we do not supply and install tracks direct to the public.


Can I pick up?
Yes, our workshop is located at Unit 3/17 Gibberd Road Balcatta WA 6021
Do you deliver?
We deliver free into store for most Perth suburbs on throughout the week for orders over $150. Otherwise freight is $15 for delivery into store. We do not deliver to third party addresses.
Do you check measure?
No, as we are manufactures we do not go to site to measure.
Do you install?
No, we only supply parts or made to measure tracks only.
Our customer changed their mind and wants a different track/item, will you take it back?
Selecting the right track and ordering correctly is important. As tracks are made to measure we cannot resell a track, so we generally don’t offer an exchange service.
Do you sell motorised curtain tracks?
Yes, we sell Somfy, Oslo 81 & 84, Acmeda and Series 82 powered by Somfy motorised curtain tracks.
Do you sell pre-made tracks I can buy on the spot?
No, all our tracks are made to measure per order.
Can I buy components?
Yes, you can buy components to assemble tracks yourself.


Can I have a COD account?
Yes. A larger number of our customers prefer to have COD accounts. You will still need to follow our Terms and Conditions.
Can I have a credit account?
Yes, please email for a credit application form.
What are your credit terms?
Credit terms are 30 days from date of invoice, for all credit details please email for a credit application form and Terms and Conditions documents.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept all credit cards however Amex will incur a 1.95% surcharge


What are the measurements/ deductions for said track?
Please check out the Catalogue page and find the series you are looking for to download the product brochure with all the measurements for each track.
Our customer has a motorised track that isn't working, will you go out to service it?
We would recommend you going to site to troubleshoot first and bringing the track back to our workshop in Balcatta where possible.
Do you bend tracks?
We can bend most tracks in house at our workshop in Balcatta. These include motorised and hand drawn tracks.
Do you do templates for bends?
No, we do not offer a template service.
Do you require a template to do a bend?
We require a template for radial bends (continuous curve). We only require a drawing for degree bends (e.g. 90° 45° right angle corner bends). All diagrams must specify back wall measurement or finished size and indicate the inside of the room.
Can I bend tracks on site?
We only sell a bender for the series 74/79 that can be bent on site. The K600 and our Flexi track are both able to be bent by hand but all other tracks need to be bent by us at our workshop in Balcatta.

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